The Stillman Diet for Quick Weight Loss

A No Carb Diet Plan

The Stillman Diet plan is a low carb program that was designed by Dr. Irwin Maxwell Stillwell in the 1960s. The low carb Stillman diet also restricts fat and is a very effective method of quick weight loss. It is probably one of the fastest weight loss programs.

Check with Your Doctor

Most doctors today would not recommend this plan, because it contains no carbohydrates at all and is a very low calorie diet, so please check with your doctor before beginning this or any weight loss program. The plan has been called the Stillman Quick Weight Loss Diet because you can lose weight so fast on this program.

Protein Takes More Energy

This weight loss program is based on the idea that protein is harder to digest than carbohydrates and fats and the body uses more energy in digesting protein. This no carb diet eliminates everything except for protein and encourages drinking plenty of water.

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The Stillman Water Diet

In fact, it has even been called the Stillman Water Diet, because you are encouraged to drink 80 ounces of water each day. Really the Stillman Diet is a high protein low carb weight loss program. It takes the best Atkins low carb diet much further because even Atkins allowed some carbs, even in the earliest phases.

Lose Weight Fast on the Stillman Diet

Stillman claimed that dieters would see a 7 to 15 pound loss in the first week, giving dieters encouragement to stay on this strict regimen and making it one of the fastest weight loss programs. Subsequent weeks should show losses of about 5 pounds each week. You can lose an enormous amount of weight very quickly on this diet.

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What to Eat

The details of the plan are quite simple, you are allowed an unlimited amount of

• lean meat

• lean fish or other seafood such as crab or shrimp

• chicken without skin and

• turkey without skin

No vegetables, no starches, no fruit, nothing else except for water.

Eat Six Times A Day – With a Few Rules

It is suggested that meals and snacks be eaten – up to six times per day. Meat should be grilled or broiled with no added butter or oil.

Eggs can be eaten, but only if prepared without any butter or oil.

Cottage cheese can be eaten as long as it is made with skim milk.

At least eight glasses of water should be consumed each day. Tea and coffee can be consumed in addition to the water, but without any added milk or sugar.

Broth may also be consumed as long as there is no fat.

You may use herbs and spices, but no condiments with any fat.

A multivitamin supplement should be taken when following this diet as no fruits or vegetables are allowed.

the stillman diet grilled chicken, fastest weight loss programs
Add Fiber

During the low carb Stillman diet you will likely be constipated as there is no fiber. A stool softener and fiber supplement would probably be a good addition to this weight loss program. There are many fiber supplements that you can take in pill form or that you can mix with your water. Be sure that you do not use a supplement with any added sugar.

After the Stillman Diet

After the quick weight loss phase of the the Stillman Diet, you will gradually add carbs and fats slowly back into the plan. Usually you will start by adding a green vegetable at first and then other carbs and fats very, very slowly.


Weigh daily on the Stillman Diet and if you see a 3 pound gain during this maintenance phase where you are adding in more carbs and fats, then you will need to go back to the lean protein plan. You may alternate the all meat program with the slightly higher carb plan every two weeks. The Stillman Quick Weight Loss Diet can be a very effective method of losing weight fast.

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