The 11 Day Diet

How Does this Weight Loss Diet Plan Work?

The 11 day diet system is one of the best weight loss diet programs for you if you want to achieve significant weight loss. This type of diet plan allows you to lose weight within a period of eleven days at a time. The amount of weight that will be reduced is dependent on your specific case and the specific amount of weight that you need to lose to get to your most ideal weight. But you can be sure that if you stick to the plan, your aim of getting your desired weight will be achieved.

How Does the 11 Day Diet System Work?

The 11 day diet actually works by following the calorie shifting eating method. This weight loss program helps to adjust your calorie intake while also ensuring that your metabolism continues to stay at its peak. This is extremely useful in your attempt to burn more fats all through the day and at night when you are sleeping. The diet plan also works by cycles. Each cycle is composed of eleven days with three days that allow you to take any food that you want without any restriction, in essence, you get three cheat days after each 11 day cycle. Each cycle requires you to take different amount of calories per day. While there are days that require you to take 1800 calories, there are also days that require you to consume around 1300 calories.

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The importance of a Calorie Shifting Diet Plan

The calorie shifting diet plan in the 11 day diet system is primarily designed to prevent your body from establishing an eating pattern that your metabolism can adjust to so that you are not storing fat. Keeping your body guessing is pretty much the key to this plan that has been very successful for many dieters. This weight loss diet program is said to be the key towards losing excess fat and not muscle and water. Since your body cannot establish a pattern capable of lowering your metabolism, you burn fat all through the day. The good thing about a calorie shifting diet plan is that you can choose to eat some of your favorite foods so you do not need to worry about feeling deprived.

11 day diet, best weight loss program, weight loss diet
How to Achieve the Best Results with this Weight Loss Diet

If you want to get the best results out of following the 11 day diet, then it is important for you to strictly adhere to its rules. You should know that the eleven day period requires the shifting between the intake of protein rich foods and carbohydrate rich foods. You are also required to take four smaller and healthier meals every day. Instead of consuming three big meals each day, you have to eat four times daily. You can separate these meals by two and a half hours. This helps you to burn more calories while also increasing your energy. Eating smaller and healthier meals four times each day is also useful in ensuring that your metabolism continues to work properly, and it helps in balancing your blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Just be sure to check with your physician to make sure that this weight loss program is right for you and that you are consuming enough calories (but not too much) to lose weight quickly and healthily!

11 day diet, best weight loss diet program, best weight loss program
Meal Preparation Should Be At Home on this Calorie Shifting Diet

You should also take note of the fact that the 11 day diet system requires you to prepare all your meals at home. Preparing meals at home helps you to avoid things you should not eat and keep proper control of your calories.

You are also required to avoid those foods that can wreak havoc on your diet plan. These foods include butter, mayonnaise and any other spreads that contain excess calories and fat. Another tip when it comes to following this diet plan is to make sure that you constantly keep track of the specific amount of food that you eat for every meal. A calorie counter is very helpful, either a book or an online calorie counting system. You should log your food in a notebook or online to make sure you stay on track.

You should stop eating as soon as you feel that you are satisfied. The 11 day diet also requires you to stay away from those beverages that are high in calories, such as sweetened soft drinks and fruit juices. Instead of drinking these beverages, it is better for you to stick to taking around eight to ten glasses of water every day. Coffee and tea without sugar or milk are allowed in moderation.

Done with 11 Day Diet?
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